ina modern wall trellis sr aubergine

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oxide, cloud, zinc, kumquat, berry, leaf, aubergine, charcoal 

Hand welded steel frame, stainless steel cable, hard wearing and water resistant zero-VOC powdercoat finish or natural oxide finish. Handmade in the USA. Original, copyrighted design by TerraSculpture /TerraTrellis. 

Parisian vertical gardens, tapestries, classic French espalier. 

Welded brackets stand out 4" from wall allowing vine to weave through horizontal stainless steel cable, creating organic tapestry. Beautiful in multiples, lightweight, easy install.

EASY INSTALLATION:  to secure trellis to wall use 3/16" diameter (or #10) wood screw, toggle bolt or expansion bolt appropriate to your wall surface (bolts or screws not included)